I hate being a woman

You stole my heart 4 years ago, ran away to California with it, and I've been with 20 or so people since trying to fix the hole you left.

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  • You're filling the wrong hole, then. Close your legs and learn basic anatomy.

  • And has it helped how you feel? Doesn't sound like it. Do yourself a favor and give yourself a chance to mourn and really feel all those feelings you're clearly trying to avoid feeling over the loss of this relationship. IMHO... If your relationship was 2 years, then you need a year long mourning away from the opposite s** to get your head on straight. If it Was 3 years together, it's 18 months for you, 4 years together, 2 years for you. I'm sure you get the mathematical gist of the "mourning period." hope you decide to take some time to fall in love with you. Hang in there!

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