I don't know how to insert a tampon. I

I don't know how to insert a tampon. I have never really known. And it's REALLY embarassing. So if I just go for a swim, I don't wear anything. I'm pretty sure this is really bad! And I'm only 12! This better not continue! Someone please help!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I still have not used them cause of fear. and I'm 20!

  • i didnt learn how to insert a tampon until i had s** for the first time....when i was 19....i was terrified and had it in my head that it would hurt...but after i lost my viginity, i didnt think it was so scary...i still most of the time wear pads just because its safer...lol. =]

  • I don't even wear tampons and I'm 19.... lol
    I just wear pads. and in the summer I just don't go swimming. (when I'm on my period of course)

  • i was the same way when i was ur age. seriously its not a big deal. they come with instructions. so just try it a few times until ur comfortable with it. =]

  • just use pads, it's easier and safer

  • its worse to wear a tampon your period is coming OUT of your body ro a reason its not suppose to be up there in a tampon anyway......dont worrie sweetie youll figue it out

  • HAHAHAHA that guy said its bad for your organs if you swim with out a tampon what an idiot

  • Read the instructions, kid.

  • So you mean that you go for a swim whilst getting your period wearing no tampon? Isn't that like bad for your organs or something? And eww I wouldn't want to swim there after you... yuck! And if it's in the ocean, a shark probably would want to come eat you! Eww! Please learn. It's not scary!

  • It's not that hard, you shove it into your v*****...

  • It comes with instructions!!!!

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