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Sexy Ideas?

I like to wear girls clothes when i m*********. It makes me feel EXTREMELY sexy and it feels great on my genitals. This includes panties, bras, leggings, skirts, makeup and etc. i was wondering if anybody could give me any advice to what i could do to spice it up. Also, should i tell anyone and whats ur opinions on this fetish. Thanks :)

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  • If you have a sister or girlfriend, get a freshly used tampon put into the applicator and plunge inside yourself. Having a b***** tampon inside makes me feel so feminine and definitely helps get aroused when j**********.

  • I like crossdressers if they look good, i like when they depilate, i think they look better. idk but i find them very sexy. it's so hard to get a guy who likes it, i would love to have a bf who lets me makeup him and dress him like a girl, and idk but sometimes i want to mmm... use a d****.. but not all guys like it... i'm 19 years old, and is funny because when i tell people about it they get shocked because they say wow you're so cute but so pervert, but yeah, i'm pervert but i don't like when guys are super pervert, i think is more fun to be the pervert one, maybe that's why sometimes i prefer younger guys.

    and sexy ideas... it depends, you can cosplay, or use lolita fashion :) like the japanese lolita fashion, or school girl uniforms.

  • Wear a tampon in your ass and pretend your a woman while dressing!

  • get a s** change..................

  • please comment! ;)

  • You spice it up by bringing another guy into the picture. Have him treat you like a woman.

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