Does anyone really know what they're doing in life?

I have been dating my girlfriend for a year now. Only problem is she's 10 years older, I'm in my early twenties, and she has a kid. I love her to death, and she's completely in love with me, and we've brought up future subjects on a few occassions. But sometimes I worry that I might end up leaving her one day if I meet someone younger with no kids. At my age, her situation is a verrrry hard thing for me to deal with emotionally. How are you supposed to know if you're picking the right person? I just feel guilty for feeling the way I do. It's depressing. I love her, and I'm always happy when I'm with her. But deep down inside, I wonder if I might be happier overall with someone else, or if I've already made the right choice for me. I never want to hurt her...


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  • i agree with ^ this guy.

    u will probably end up cheating or something if you don't cut it loose soon.

    or if u stay together and don't cheat u may always regret never getting to do your thing when you're still young

  • Too late. You're regretting hooking up with an older woman. Let her go before you do any more harm.

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