Should I?

Okay so I'm 17 years old, and I'm a virgin. I never really thought a lot about the whole when do lose my virginity until now. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost three years. Everyone at school already assums were having s** according to them No way can a teenage couple be that long in a sexless relationship but its true! I'm a virgin but I dont want to be anymore. My boyfriend has told me that he does get h**** but that our first time is totally up to me and no he does not make me feel bad about being a virgin. I just... I feel like I'm ready and even if we dont end up getting married and what not hes a good guy and I feel comfortable with him in that way. I'm confused. I don't know if i should..... or maybe I should just keep having our make out sessions. The only reason I'm confused about having s** is because we both have big dreams and we are getting ready to go to college and so a baby wouldnt really fit that picture. I know about protection and all that but you never know.

Jul 25, 2011

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  • Your mature,just go for it

  • Do u suck him

  • Have you done anything else short of intercourse, like oral or manual stimulation? If not, perhaps you should start there and see how it goes. And at least get yourself on the pill should you decide to let him inside you.

  • root him! he will love you more

  • you sound mature enough to be making this decision. have fun and enjoy each other, as above, if you use protection you will be safe.

  • Birth control works.

  • I had friends that were in relationships in high school and never had s**. That said, if he is chill enough to be your boyfriend for three years and still not pressure you into s**, he must really respect you. It would probably be better to lose your virginity to him rather than to someone knows and cares about you less. Take the pill and use a condom if you want, you will not get pregnant.

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