Ever since i deleted my Facebook i feel like i am whole again.

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  • Facebook sucks!

  • all you have to do is log in to reactivate your account!!! isn't that awesome???

  • this is what i do, i deactivate it during school cause i dont need to use it cause i can talk face to face but i reactivate it in the summer because its the only way i can get ahold of people because i work all the time. you just gotta learn self control (btw im not aiming this at anyone)

  • I honestly don't know why I have FB or use it. I hop on there once in a while, reply to a message now and then and that's it. It's basically email except I get to see stupid photos that I could have lived without seeing.

    Guess I just got it coz I was sick of people asking if I was on there because they were too lazy to just add my email or phone number to their phone.

    At least I can say I've never clicked on a single FB ad in my life. So I feel good that I'm costing Mark Fuckerburg money just by using the site.

  • YES!! YES!! That is the exact reason why did I made an account. People annoy me just to add them on FB, what a lame site to see gays and others... Why can't they just have msn or yahoo?!

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