Big secret

I'm a 14 year old girl with a big secret. I seem pretty normal. I go to church n hang out with the right crowd. But every weekend when my parents r gone I watch p*** n use my moms vibrator till I o*****. I feel dirty. N dice I've been doing this I've been really h**** ALL THE TIME! I want to hav s**. But I'm only 14!!! Help me!


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  • Daddy should be f****** you

  • I'll help you with s** :) Im 14 by the way

  • buy your own damn vibrator its gross to use your moms she might even have stds.

    and dont call these creeps posting they disguisting old men. I would let you talk to me instead just so you wont talk to them but anyone would see and pretend to be you and that would be a pain in the ass.

  • The truth is most people are h**** at 14, most of your friends probably do the same thing, though nobody will admit it. Try to accept yourself as a sexual being, read up on teen sexuality online in safe places.

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