My deepest secret

I am biologically male, but ever since I can remember I've always felt as if I were meant to be female. This causes me some depression at times, but I've never told anyone. I'm afraid my friends and family will reject me even though this is who I truly am. It's not that I'm attracted to men either, I'm attracted to women, I just feel like I was born as the wrong gender.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I don't fault you for that at all. If you genuinely feel like you're in the wrong body, that's the deal. If you were trying to weaponize this feeling, I'd be all over you and not in a good way, because I'm sick of every other edgelord claiming they're trans. Like autistics, the number of truly trans people are a LOT lower than the chucklehead masses claim... bunch of clucking morons each trying to be more incomprehensible than the next, for dumb reasons.

  • Be who you want to be, and you'll be beautiful. Inside and out.

  • There is so much help available, on forums, on YouTube, on websites and local support groups too. Remember you are not stuck, transitioning (if you chose to )is a real option. but the more you explore it you'll find there's a whole array of people with drastically varying gender identities. Try to meet other people, either in real life or on forums etc, who have gone through it, there are so many wonderful people who have, and you will find them welcoming and helpful.
    Don't feel ashamed, you are a fabulous child of the rainbow and you are so welcome to be here :)

  • you should seek the assistance of a gender therapists. Google transgender for an unlimited amount of resources. Perhaps join a forum... You're not alone. There's many of us... :-)

  • I know as a christian I'm suppose to say its wrong and god will change you but in my heart I believe if you feel you were born as the wrong gender then you should do what you can be who you need to be! If you wanna be a woman then f***** do it man! If they love you they need to respect that

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