I'm 16,a virgin,and my boyfriend really

I'm 16,a virgin,and my boyfriend really wants to f*** me. Like,I want to. But I'm kind of scared,or maybe just nervous. It seems like it would be awkward or something. Unless s** is just one of those things that you're really nervous about for like the whole time before you actually do it,then you realise how great it is. He said he wants me to go on birth control because he doesn't like using condoms. I'm sorry BUT THAT'S F****** STUPID. I don't want to get pregnant,or get some f****** STI's. " I'll f*** you without a condom eventually " Don't count on it,buddy.I'm sure it'd be more fun,but it really doesn't seem like a good idea to me. If anyone could enlighten me with facts or give me some well-needed advice I would appreciate it.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Hey sweety DONT DO IT. Clearly your not ready. But when you eventually are... Dont fall for his BS. Last time I heard a guy tell me "...he wants me to go on birth control because he doesn't like using condoms." guess what...he didnt tell me he had two nasty STD's. Mind you he looked clean and perfectly normal. So dont risk it cause there's not turning back for certain ones u get. PLEASE DONT DO IT. He sounds like a j*** and one of those "if you love me you will have s** with me guys".

  • it's not the same with the rubber around it.

  • Are you kidding? I would never wait til marriage,I don't even believe in marriage,anyway.

  • Why not wait on s** until marriage?

  • one above this, glad to be of no assistance at all.

  • To two above this. Sorry you don't have the attention span for more than one paragraph. Your advice is a quip and I think the poster will read yours, but since you don't justify most of your post, she'll ignore it. You're talking to the poster like her boyfriend.

  • Get rid of him, girl. You don't need a guy that tells you what youre gonna do. And you have to be careful. The pill doesn't keep you from getting STDs. Every time he mentions it, just remind yourself that STDs are nasty. Do you really want your v***** dripping puss, warts all it, or worse?

  • people before me, you write things that are too long and boring to read.

    Just tell the guy that either he uses a condom or gets nothing, birth control pills are less likely to work than condoms, and don't forget lube. If he still refuses to use a dommy, threaten to dump him. then follow through with it if he still doesn't.

  • S** is more than just intercourse. He seems to only have one goal in mind. But if he's a virgin too, it should be worth more as he would be sharing the experience with you. If he isn't a virgin, he could be looking for another notch on the headboard. If you want to start exploring s**, and he cares for you, he should be patient. Discovering s** can be a great experience. Oral, a***, fetishes, fantasies, mutual masturbation (one of my faves with the wife), discovering your erotic zones, exploring toys, adult films, role-playing, and intercourse. Worrying about a single aspect of sexual intercorse, when a healthy s** life can be so much more seems such a shame.

    He's also making a lot of demands that he really might not understand. Finding the right type of 'pill' can take 6 or 7 months. They vary greatly.

    He doesn't like condoms? What male does? Its a fact he'll have to face and you shouldn't relent to him in that matter in anyway. Go find a movie called 'Kids' or 'Kidz', I forget the spelling of the title, but it'll scare you silly.

    It would be easy to see how some guys who have only seen adult p*** to expect all love-makers to perform like that. Its for you to discover. Have you even started a sexual relationship involving hand jobs, blow jobs or mutual groping at least? Diving into intercourse could be a choice you wished you didn't make so quickly. At 16, I'd put off the intercourse for two or three years, unless you find that you want more than masturbation. Thing is, since you haven't started exploring, you don't know what you could learn.

  • Dump his ass, wait until you find someone who you love and clearly loves you back.

  • ^woah you wrote more then the poster did! Okay basically do NOT go on birth control. yes you can get STDs and it's a less effective contraception. Go on both if your not sure. I admit i've heard it's better with no condom (I'm a 16yo virgin too :D) because you can experience both of your bodily fluids but your only young especilly to fall pregnant! I agree with the other poster don't have s** but if you do, make sure he lets you do what your comfortable with even if he disagrees. Besides if you go on birth control, he'll probably expect it more and if your rents found out, they'd think your having it more. And it has side effects like mood swings and pain and your period goes all wack. Just don't have it with him. He doesn't sound like the best guy in the world to do it with.

  • Okay. I just want to point something out here. You don't sound like you love him. You never stated that you love him. Think over what you want in a relationship. Do you want someone to love and depend on and share things with? Or do you just want to explore the other s** and have s**? You can only loose your virginity once, think about how much it means to you. Because you used the term "[he] really wants to f*** me". If it's your first time and your 16 and he's not a random, don't you think you should be saying he really wants to make love to me? Or experience s** with me? Or something along those lines. Your obviously not very comfortable with this situation because your nervous and awkward about it. Your first time shouldn't neccessarily be like that. Well of course it's going to be. So that was a bad way of putting it although what are you really nervous about? Him? Him not being good to you after. He obviously want it more than you. Speak up more in the relationship. Although I'm glad to hear that you do talk about s**! That's a great thing between you and ur bf. Don't do it. Don't do it unless your sure. You don't sound like your sure. Wait at least a little while and if your not sure he's going to stick around well then what kind of relationship do you have? Because he is going to stick around if it's a good one. I hope I helped and make you think things through.

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