I hope it doesn't stop any time soon

I went to visit this guy that I had always been attracted to and we ended up having s** that very night in his truck. And he dumped his girlfriend then went back to her and all the while we were still having s**. And we're still having s** now and I don't want to stop. I love f****** him. We like f****** each other. She blames me for tearing things apart but it was him and I together that did it. It was already bad between them but I didn't help and he could have said no but he didn't. No, I'm not proud of the way it went down and I do feel bad because I like her but their relationship was basically over according to him. He's kind of a puss because he tries absolving his guilt by chasing her and he's tried everything to patch it up with her except one small thing- we can't stop the s**. So I'd say he's not exactly strong on wanting to be exclusive with her again. Plus, I stay with him now because I lost my house in a natural disaster and we sleep in the same bed almost every night.

We even tried the threesome thing. I liked it. She apparently didn't though she pretended she did. It didn't last. I don't want them to get back together. Or actually I don't want him to tell me we can't f*** anymore. But I share the house with him. And she doesn't trust us. With good measure, I'd say. I wouldn't want this to happen to me and I've offered to step out of the way but he doesn't want me to. Yet he still goes to her house- and I've made peace with that. But she hates that we f***. I know they f***. I wish he wasn't so attached to her. But I don't intend to say no to the s** right now. I love to f*** him. I love his d***. And him too. We like each other's s**.

Ultimately, it's his decision and his decision- without saying so- is he wants us both. Well…I want him. Unequivocally. But she's just not happy with that offer. She's so angry with him I don't think she'll ever let him off the hook even if they did get back together and he doesn't want that. So…I don't know. I have a hard time believing I'm even in this situation.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Looks like he has 2 hot girls that really enjoy f****** him and that is great. So sorry that the other girl wasn't happy with the threesome, but I bet he loved it. My wife and I enjoy s** with others too and enjoyed an open relationship until covid came along and f***** up everything. I've enjoyed a few threesomes, but most of them was with my wife and another man. I have enjoyed 2 different threesomes with me and 2 girls. One of them was with my wife and another girl and the other was with 2 different girls. It was awesome. My wife even enjoyed a foursome one time with only her and 3 different guys. Between the 3 guys, she said she got f***** 8 different times and she doesn't know just how many times she had an o*****, but it was more than a dozen time that she is sure of.

  • Sounds like some gfs of the past, good lord, I used to get hit on and picked up by girls weekly and have s** for Days only stopping to eat FOOD

  • Why commit? If the GF isn't happy she needs to walk away cuz this guy obviously fine with what's going on. He's got what most of us want. One chick in the nest and another nest to go to with a chick in it. And a threesome? Holy s***- yeah, this guy must know how to swing the d***, the lucky b******.

  • It seems like a tightrope relationship. Sounds like a lot of drama. So you love him, and so does she. If this was an open relationship there would be no problem. Sounds like you have a full time f*** buddy, but a part-time boyfriend. The other girl has it worse and it shouldn't be that way. All in all, it should be pinned on the guy because he wants it all. To make his GF happy he needs to make a choice. Kudos to you for being the most understanding, and you should give some credit for the GF not punching you in the face by now.

    Dude, commit to ONE relationship. COMMIT! ONE! C'MON!

  • You're a consenting adult. You've walked into this with your eyes wide open and it doesn't sound like you're marriage minded so if it works for you and him, it works.

  • YYYeeeaaahhhhh, sounds like a winning situation to me. Good luck with that.

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