Bi married

I am a handsome straight acting and looking married guy who has a reputation about town for being the guy who likes to chase women, which I do. However, when I get a little drunk and perhaps take some drugs all I can think about and the thing that makes me lose my breath is being with a guy. I've had many sexual experiences over the years with guys although I've always kind of denied that I'm into it straightway afterwards. I love the fact that I get back to bed, strip off, perhaps put on some sexy lingerie and w*** like the poof that I really am, losing myself at the knowledge that I am so f****** gay and nobody knows. It's such a release to be able to freely indulge in the s** that really turns me on. Thing is when I've come I suddenly feel really ashamed and go straight back into denial about it all until next time.

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  • Just lay back, massage your c*** with your lingerie and shoot your f****** load. Then go out and spread your ass cheeks and f*** some hot guy.

  • wear condoms. wear condoms. get yourself tested. my father died of HIV Its no f****** joke. anyone can get it.
    if you give it to your wife or someone else you'll weep on your deathbed. im -Telling- you reaching out. play it safe. there is a hole in my life. everyday i wish i could talk to him. every god dammed day. wrap it up.

  • There is nothing wrong with being yourself. You'll be happier in the long run. If people have issues, then it's them, not you. There's nothing wrong with being gay, and I've never understood why people think it's wrong. I may be straight, but I don't give a f*** who people love. Because love is love, no matter who it is. Come out, and I think you'll find you'll be a lot happier. There's nothing to be ashamed of. If they are worth your time, they'll accept you for being you.

  • There are many, many "straight" men like you out there. I have made a career of getting my hammer off on married men like you. They are always so appreciative of my size and skills and always so guilty afterward but they always come back. You are one of many fella.

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