I am so confused

So I recently went back to my home town to visit. There hanging out I met this really cool guy. We started hanging out and flirting. When I came back to my home my boyfriend was acting really weird at school and not talking to me. A couple nights ago I got mad at him and started texting the guy that I met in my hometown. One text led to the next and I sent him a naked picture. Now I feel really bad for cheating in my boyfriend. But the thing is I may have fealings for the guy in my home town. But he lives soo far away. What should I doo? Should I break up with my bf so I can do that kind of stuff with the guy in my home town and not feel guilty?

May 4, 2011

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  • There's no question, break up with your boyfriend. The relationship ended when you cheated on him. If you want, you can confess too. Besides all that, you clearly aren't meant to be with your bf or you wouldn't have wanted to stray, but maybe you'll find that the new guy or someone else is meant to be with you. I'm not coming down on you, just trying to help, because when you mess up you can't keep trying to go forward without taking one step back.

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