Can we turn off the lights please?

I’m a 16 year old virgin but I get my share of messing around. I’m attractive and healthy but I feel so uncomfortable doing things in the light! I have stupid thoughts run through my head like what if I sit up weird and my stomach fat rolls, or if my nipples aren’t hard he will think I’m not turned on… Obviously it’s just a confidence issue but it’s starting to look pretty pathetic. Any advice ?

Aug 12, 2011

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  • I dated a woman like this for a few months. Very attractive, fit, nice body, and long, flowing hair other women commented to her on. We'd be getting physical and moving forward for s**, and, she'd ask me to kill the lights. Really was a beautiful woman, but, apparently, no confidence in herself being naked. Would also point out her faults, or call herself a mess, fugly, etc.. I never understood it.

  • Confidence issue.

    My girlfriend has confidence issues as well. While she isn't the best looking girl, I don't care. I love her and to me, she is beautiful.

    Basicly, if he really cares/loves you then he will accept you no matter what you look like.

  • dont be so insecure! confidence is attractive and if he wants the lights on its because he likes what he sees. take extra comfort every time the lights are on he is enjoying the sight of you.

  • Aww that makes so much sense! Thank you!

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