I smacked a girl thinking it was someone else

I was at school, a few months back, and I was walking through the canteen when I saw someone from behind, thinking it was a mate of mine, I slapped 'him' around the back of the head.

I went to my seat, sat down and carried on what I was doing, when I saw my friend somewhere else, confused, I looked over to where I hit him, and it was another girl my age. My heart dropped to my stomach and I felt terrible! I don't really speak to her anyway, but I avoided her and people she knew all day in case she told them.

I don't see this girl now, but I felt like such a fool smacking her round the back of the head, I'm sure people saw and laughed, but I thought it was just my mate. I feel ashamed and a bit of a fool, and I'm sure she remembers.

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  • If it was all a big mistake why did you hit her twice?

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