I want out.

I hate the way you don't look at me when we're in bed.
I hate the way you order me around. ("Get me some socks." "hand me my mousepad.")
I hate the way you don't let me have friends.
I hate the way you treat the people I hope to consider friends.
I hate the way you lick my armpits and that retarded thing you used to do with my bellybutton and I hate how you think either one is sexy.
I hate how you tell me I'm like a ten year old.
I hate how you destroyed my sketchbook and then told me my art sucked anyway.
I hate hate when you call me a s***.
I hate how justify calling me a s*** when I make advances toward you.
I hate how you belittle my job.
I hate the way my face looks with a broken nose and the way you think it's an appropriate thing to make fun of me for.
I hate how you try to ground me despite me being twenty and you NOT being my parent.
I hate how you're always "just trying to come quickly."
I hate how you don't acknowledge the way I contribute to us.
I hate the condescending way you say, "Your little $8 an hour job."
I hate how when I wasn't working you made a point to make me feel lazy and s***** every day.
I hate your, "It's not like you paid for any of it." comments.
I hate how your dad told me he wasn't aware we were still together when I answered the phone.
I hate the way you tell me my own parents don't love me.
I hate the business you've got going and I hate how you make me be a part of it.
I hate how you can't be understanding when I make a mistake.
I hate the way you convinced me to do coke with you.
I hate myself for doing coke with you.
I hate how I can't have a Facebook.
I hate how you can have a Facebook, and how you use yours more than I used mine.
I hate how often I get accused of f****** around on you.
I hate thinking about that time you came home late after being gone a few days and asked me if it was cheating to f*** someone else and never see that person again.
I hate you for giving my dog away.
I hate the way you make fun of music I like.
Most of all, I hate the fact that we're so far away from any friends or family that if I wanted to leave you I'd have to be homeless to do so.


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  • He gave your f****** dog away? Instead of slicing off his nuts while he's sleeping, which he deserves, get the f*** out. This guy is majorly nuts and you need to run. NOW!

  • wow my love u need out seriously relationships like this arent health.... you need help

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