i can't decide what i'm supposed to

i can't decide what i'm supposed to do..
i have two guys telling me they like me
one even says his "heart is aching for me"
the other says "it just feels right"
and niether do i want to hurt..
they like me and want to care about me and my unborn baby... im just soooo lost on what to do. i never thought this would happen.

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  • Maury Povich - he'll know what do do

  • Who cares which one says nicer things?? Which one do YOU want more??

  • Handle this with extreme care. I was 16 years old when I got pregnant with my now 6 year old daughter. While I was pregnant, the father dumped me and I ended up spending alot of time with this other guy, who was really sweet and interested in the pregnancy. Well, we ended up getting married after the baby was born. He promised me that he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and the baby. He even started getting my daughter to call him daddy. Well, then about 2 years into the marriage, he decided that he didn't love me. And he divorced me and I was left with a kid that not only had been abandoned by her own father, but by the man that she thought was her father too. I have never had the heart to tell her that he wasn't her real father anyway. Moral of this story... Think about what you want for the baby. The decisions that you make affect the child even more than they affect you.

  • and im not supposed to be jealous of girls he dates? wtf

  • And still have respect for the father. Because what is he going to think when your with another guy? He'll probably be jealous because he'll want to be a dad to the child.

  • Maybe right now you should be thinking more about yourself and your unborn child than guys.

  • w****

  • my ex boyfriend

  • whose the dad?

  • if anything im just very kind.. i don't feel beautiful anyway.. they are just very nice guys.

  • Wow... pregnant and guys still chase after you... you must be very beautiful or very kind.

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