Boyfriend is being annoying

When my boyfriend licks my bum hole he only licks the outside, but I want to feel his tongue go right in, but he says my bum hole is too tight even though he can get his finger up my bum very easily. I think he just doesn't want to do it which is really annoying. My friend says her boyfriend gets his tongue right inside and that's what I want my boyfriend to do to. She says I should just chuck him if he won't do it.

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  • My Gay Boyfriend Loves Doing That To Me Too.

  • Think before you criticise your boy friend for not wanting to go up your arsehole, a*** licking or bum licking as people call it is one of the most pleasurable sexual experiences you can have, think carefully before you probe inside the a***, remember what could be up there, probing the arsehole yes but do not penetrate

  • I love doing that, I’ll get my tongue in as far as possible

  • It all depends upon the degree of sexual desire that how much fetish you can get. I used to avoid licking p**** but now I get so turn on by dirty talks and details.

  • If you'll not anyone else to do it then how would get the pleasure that you're seeking, either you tell him clearly

  • Do you toss his a******? Maybe return the favor. Rub his prostate? Or maybe you dont clean your ass good enough and he dont want sheit in his mouth?

  • I always wipe myself properly.

  • I can get my tongue deep inside girls bum holes and I love it I do it so well I can even make them squirt!
    Give him a he elbow and let's meet up

  • I don't want someone else to do it I want him to do it.

  • I appreciate what you are saying, if you allowed someone else to do it to you, you wouldn't have to chuck him and maybe I could help you get him to do it.

  • My wife does it to me. I do it to her. Do the same!

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