I dont know.

I really like this guy...he's funny,sweet,caring,so cute and we have so much in common. Everything time i see or even think about him i cant halp but smile. My best guy friend is his best guy friend and he says he talks about me all the time and might even like me. But my bestfriend, i have known her since i was 4 (im 14) and she likes him too and he had a thing for her, but not really anymore. Shes the type of person who thinks everyguy likes and belongs to her..but i still love her. he is considerd "scene" or "emo" so am i. my bestfriend is the total oppisite. But as soon as she saw him she started dressing like us and died her hair and wears a lot of eyliner, p***** her lip and even went through my ipod to see what music we listen to. I dont want to hurt her...but i really like him and i think he can see how fake she is being...help?

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