Morning Glory

I just love the early morning bj by my h**** wife. She comes out of the shower loosely wrapped in her towel, sits next to me, pulls my boxers down, and starts sucking my c***. That's the way the h**** b**** signals that she needs a good lick and a f*** before going to work. Let her work on my c*** till it was rock hard. Next she assumed her usual doggie position, I went behind her, and started sniffing her wet p**** and puckered butt hole, like a dog does it to a real b****, and then started licking her vigorously. She started moaning in pleasure, and starts begging for my c***. I mount her doggie style, and within just a
few minutes of pounding, she bucks he ass back, and shuddered in pleasure.

I was not done yet. Had her bent over the bed, went behind, parted her ass cheeks and started licking her butt hole, and she knew what was coming next. Soon had my index finger up her ass, lubing her nicely with vaseline. Stood behind, and eased my c*** into her tight butt hole, and she yelped like a b****,
when the head of my c*** eased into her sphincter. Increased my rhythm, and in no time, shot a good load of hot j*** into her ass. Just stood there with my c*** buried in her ass, and waiting till it started going limp.

What a way to start the day!!

Sep 6, 2011

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  • God you sound just like my father in law to be. My BF leaves for work at 3:40 AM and Larry my f in L leaves at 7:20. By 4 am I know it's my F/L getting in bed with me and he begins to arouse me just as he knows he can and he knows I want him to and he fills my ass with his c** daily.
    I c** harder anally and he drives me insane many times over, Now I am so addicted to his c*** in my ass a few days I didn't get it from him for he was away but I didn't have any trouble finding some hard c*** at the local p**** store around the corner. First time there within 10 minutes I had a guy f****** my ass while I watched a video in a viewer and another took his place right afterwards. Three the first time the last time last week 7. One big Russian he has me every time I go there he has a good super thick 3/4 incher and I love it, he f**** me slow and deep and he goes a good 20 minutes or longer till he really fills me up with his c** .
    Yes I am a c** s*** in my ass and I know it, at least I can't get preggy.

  • Ease back on the throttle if you want back in the game, junior.

  • She should take her shower after the f*** session. What, does she go to work with j*** leaking out her a******?

  • sounds like a wonderful start to the day but why do you call your wife a b****? not cool. especially when she treats you so good.

  • The only time she is nice to me, is when she needs to get f*****. All other times she is a total B.

  • Why do you stay with her then? Just for the s**?

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