I can't say this to your face...

Your boyfriend is more like a f****** acquaintance. You don’t share any intimacy when you’re together, and when you go out, he walks five paces ahead of you!
He ‘likes’ girls who are nothing like you. And not once has he ever expressed a ‘liking’ for a female that may be similar to yourself. Wouldn’t you be concerned that you’re nothing like these girls he likes?!
When you meet up all you f****** do is play computer games. On separate computers?! In different f****** rooms?! Wow….so worth the 2 hour road trip.
You both have no intention of moving out of your parents gaff’s. Fair enough for you young lady, but he is getting close to 40 and refusing to budge?!? Can’t see you living together at any time soon.
You’ve been ‘together’ for 7 years…….yet you don’t talk about you future. Or if you do, you’re f****** scared to suggest anything in case it disrupts his cushy lifestyle.
Jesus girl.
He claims you don’t need physical contact to be in love. Fair enough. But you need some kind of reassurance that he wants to be with you that DOESN’T involve him buying nice presents just to keep you f****** sweet.
You won’t talk to him about your lack of s** life, but you p*** me off when you discuss it with me. I get frustrated that after 7 f****** years, you can’t talk to him about that sort of thing because he got humpy the last time you tried to get him to share with you.
You’re too damn emotional. You let him get away with that behaviour?! What about your f****** needs girl? And not just in a sexual sense.
You kid yourself and me, by saying that you don’t want to get married cos he doesn’t (you clearly do), he don’t want kids, so you’re happy to not have any (again, you clearly do). He doesn’t want to f****** move out of his parents home!! Which sucks for you, cos you clearly want to live together!!
Jesus f****** christ. You both have the nerve to throw in your 2pence worth of ‘relationship’ advice to others, but you clearly can’t see you’re own shambolic mess of a ‘relationship’. You’re nothing more than f****** penpals!!!
Damn girl, the amount of guys you could have gone out with that had the same interests, and would actually have an INTEREST in YOU, were loads. But you passed them all by because you’re so f****** loyal to your ‘boyfriend’. Who you never f****** see, and you always get f****** teary eyed when you talk about him cos you always f****** miss him.
7 years. Get a grip girl. You need a life with someone who will treat you right. Not a 30something loser who is more interested in fiddling with his dongle than fiddling with you.
He’s a manipulating git who makes you feel awful if you were to even contemplate discussing your needs. F*** him.
I bet he chats to other girls anyway.

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