I ordered a rubber c*** with b****

I ordered a rubber c*** with b**** attached (called a Doc Johnson) from the internet for $40.00. I was gonna give it to my wife. When it arrived.... it was HUGE!!!! It also looked and felt very real. It was nine inches long, thick with veins and big b****. Anyway, I never gave it to her because its bigger than my own d***! So.... I started to try sucking it and licking the b**** to see what thats like. It was a turn on which surprised me. When she was not home, I put a towell on the floor, stuck it to the wall (it has strong suction cup), oiled it up and oiled my ass and it happened. I backed into it and immagined that I was in jail and this was my cellmate who wanted s** or would beat me up. I sloooooowly pushed the thick head into my a****** and could not get it in. Harder and harder I pushed into it when.... OH MY GOD!!! The pain was unreal but the pleasure was tripple that!!!!!! The thick head s;ipped into my ass and once it was all the way in, the pain was gone. Then... Heaven!!!! The feeling of that THICK rubber c*** sliding into me. Oh man! I wanted to see how much I could take and backed all the way up until I felt the rubber b**** slapping my ass!!! Thats nine inches deep!!! I never thought and do not think that I am gay but f***!!!! I must admit... I bent over and f***** that rubber d*** for twenty minutes and when I came.....it was a gusher!!! Now I know why guys like being f*****! I felt bad and threw the d*** away at a store trash can. BUT.....I just bout a video online called "Bend Over Boyfriend" that teaches women ow to f*** thier husbands in the ass with a strap on. I am gonna give it to my wife and see if she will get into this. Has anyone here tried this great thing?

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  • I would looooovvvvee to do that to my man, but I would never tell him that! I just want to him to be the vulnerable one for once!

  • i have a girlfriend who loves to f*** me in the ass.. we have a huge collection of THICK and big toys.. my fav is BAM.. try it out! u r not the only one.. and i'm not gay and love women.. but the feeling is amazing..

  • damn, where are all you 9 inch d*** men? i can only find me some 5 and 6's. 7 if im lucky. 9 would be HUGE to me.

  • Hey..Just ask her, she may be more into a little variety than you think. It took 6 months for me to get my man to s**** me in the ass, and almost 2 years for him to suggest that I do it to him. Of course I did it! Maybe try fingering her ass a bit, (she will enjoy) And tell her that you would enjoy it too

  • 12 inches is possible for a black man. I screwed this black guy once, and I don't know exactly how many inches it was, but it was enormous! It actually hurt when he put it half way in.
    Anyway, about s******* the rubber d***, I am female, and I have tried to get my boyfriend to let me f*** him with my d**** several times. And he basically told me that he would never go for it. I told him that a man's g spot is in his ass, but that didn't make him give. I think that he is worried that I will think he is gay. I wish that my man was as kinky as you!
    I had a boyfriend once that liked for me to stick my finger in his butt. I was pretty grossed out by this, though, bc aparently the 2 times that I did it, he had to s***, bc when I withdrew my finger there was s*** all under my fingernail. So please be sure to clean yourself out with an enema or something b4 you get your wife to f*** you in the butt.

  • I would not let a 12-inch p**** inside of me, because I like my cervix intact. 9, max.

  • ^^12 inches isn't normal for anyone, you liar. 9 actually is pretty big. All you commenters need to stop f****** lying.

  • Ok first of all yes 9 inches is very average. I'm a normal black guy at around 12, and there's a lot that 's bigger than me. And second that's totally wrong and nasty.

  • I did the same as you and have to say that I can now understand why gay men like a***.I am not gay but realy enjoy the feeling of penetration.Not sure that my wife would understand though

  • dude, 9 inches ain't that big. talk to a black guy, their d**** are f****** HUGE!

  • yeah, i had a boyfriend that loved it. its because of the prostate, that's what makes it feel so good for men. i hope your wife will get into it with you because i know that the guy i did it with loved it and it was a nice change for me too, i liked that he liked it so much.

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