i love how most of the "confessions"

i love how most of the "confessions" aren't confessions.. they are complaints about the persons life. get over it.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I agree with the frist comment. So now I would like to complain about you complaining about all of us complaining! Get a life!

  • Chump, get the sand out of your v*****.

    If I were under stress at my place of employment, and I complain about it here, I'm confessing my stress.

  • You're right. A lot of confessions are complaints. I guess people need to get it out of their system. Or they feel free and comfortable here to let out their complaints. It's only human. But to complain in a website is a form of release or catharis, and isn't that what confessions are about? To get it out? Close enough, I say. Let's just read them and comment if we want.

    This site is good reading much of the time, and it offers us a place to respond and connect in an albeit impersonal way.

  • AMEN! Someone who finally speaks the truth.
    I agree 100% with you.

  • I enjoy reading what the people on here have to say. Maybe you should just stop visiting this site.

  • And this is just a complaint about other peoples' complaints.....why don't YOU get over it?

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