I think I am too fat

I am 21 and I have children, every time i see what I weigh i lose some confidence, I also got a man who loves me, we have no problems in the bedroom I say we have the greatest ** ever, but I AM FAT, I weigh 220lbs and it ** I want to go back to what i weighed before kids, and that was a 130, I hate this fatness it feels gross and I wish I could just close my eyes and it will be gone, I need motivation to lose weight, like something that will just open my eyes and get me going, I want to lose weight before summer 2010 and that is 6 or 7 months away and I was thinking of at least 20 lbs a month, anyone got any adivice to make my weight loss journey easier, I am currently doing cardio twice a week but i think its the eating part that gets to me.

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