I am 18 years old at the time of this writing and i have a confession... I've liked little girls since about age 14. by now I've even estimated my age range: 8-12
i realize this isn't exactly normal so don't bother calling me a sick freak, i'm well aware. i look up lolicon ** from different internet sites almost every night. i guess it's just the form being so small and fragile i wanna protect them, but i get overly attached. I've made a vow not to become one of those **-towns who do something stupid, ending up on tv and making life harder for the rest of my kind because he can't comprehend consequences. my question is this...the fact that i'm fighting my absolute hardest in anyway possible to avoid that outcome...does it mean i'm still kind of a good person, in any way?

again please don't just rip on me for it. answer the question instead.

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You just have to know where to look.

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  • Whos going to hunt me down? Nobody is going to overtake me. See what you dont understand is that I am not an average guy. I am extremely attractive, I wont even be modest. So its all so easy to in-trance these young girls. But like I said... I am not "USING, or MANIPULATING" anyone... I really do love these girls, and Im not afraid to say it.

    Im winning in life man, I have everything I could ever ask for. You only have ONE life on this planet. You might as well make the best of it.

  • 'Not something to be proud of"?

    Those sound like the words of a jealous man. Im very ** proud, thanks. Its not everybody that can just make love to young girls. You act like Im manipulating them. Im not, Its NOT just about the **. I really do like young girls. They are not tainted by the scum of society and highschool yet. They are fun, and worry free. I have a lot of young girl friends that I TRULY call friends, and yes we do have sexual relationships. No manipulation in this equation.

  • I can't believe someone has not hunted you down and slowly cut the life out of you yet.

  • Well first off, don't flatter yourself. Just because you WANT little girls, doesn't mean that they want you.

    For 99% of the population (American Obviously), Its impossible to KEEP a "discrete" sexual relationship with any girl under 14. However if you are born with the right charisma, talents, and have a very interesting personality, and job.

    Then yes... It can be done.

    Talking from experience.

  • the poster is struggling and trying to not harm anyone else, you sound like the ** he is trying not to become since you are speaking from experience.

    You are full of yourself as you think you are charismatic and interesting, whereas you are an adult who can outwit and manipulate children - not something to be proud of **.

  • I don't think you are a sick person. We can't control our subconscious or what it wants. There is a reason you like them, and you can't help that reason. But it would be entirely wrong and unjustified to act on those urges. If you feel ashamed or like you can't help yourself, you should get some therapy, as the first commenter suggested. It could really help you. Fantasy should remain only fantasy in this case.

  • I know you are struggling. Please know you are not a monster. You have overwhelming feelings that may or may not be stemmed to your sexual preferences. The best thing to do is to recgonize (which you have) that this is not acceptable in reality. Fantasy is there to help us dream.. but if your fantasies are to essentially harm young girls, then it is not the answer. Please talk to someone who can help. Look up ways to get therapy. Talk to someone unconnected to your life, with an unbiased opinion. Hopefully you can overcome this urge. I was a little girl once... someone took advantage of me... and I still can't get over it. Please don't hurt her like someone hurt me.

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