I think I am most beautiful...

Right after I have had an extremely gratifying o*****.

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  • Hmm wish I was

  • I can't believe you don't realize that masturbation is just as bad as s** is. People are so ignorant these days. The problem here isn't s**, it is l***. People these days are constantly told that l*** is okay and that as long as you're not hurting anyone it's fine. The truth is much more black and white. Abstaining from any sexual perversion is what keeping true innocence is, otherwise you're defiling yourself.

  • The truth is never black and white. There are so many factors to consider in any situation. People who think as you do are the truly ignorant ones. You cannot even comprehend the many facets of my situation, or anyone else's, that would affect the acceptability of a particular behavior.
    L*** is fine. It is a natural feeling. Everyone, excluding asexuals, feels it. I own up to that feeling. I respond to it by myself, in a way that is safe. There is nothing wrong with l***, or with masturbation.
    What is innocence? Is innocence really determined by a drive for s**, or masturbation? Children m********* as well. Toddlers, even. Does that make them dirty? Are they not innocent?
    Innocence is about perspective. If the simple act of masturbation makes me not innocent, then I do not care to be innocent, as it obviously means nothing. I love myself. I am very loved by people around me, as well. I am a good person who helps others at every possible opportunity. There is nothing wrong with me. I am repulsed by your audacity in coming here to judge me.
    I hope one day you open your eyes. Your closed-mindedness saddens me.

  • Original poster here: I am a virgin. I have never even gone past innocent kissing, because I would like to retain my virginity. I find pleasure only from masturbation. This was an honest confession, not an invitation for self-righteous judgment. You sound much too pompous for me to consider you any kind of grown up, and hence I cannot take your criticism seriously. However, I hope that one day you do grow up.

  • I'm a guy and I'm completely turned off by all of this. S** isn't a toy, it's a responsibility and being one it should be used responsibly and only within the confines of a truly committed love. I admire women that can have good romance without even thinking about kissing, let alone s** because it shows how mature they are, that they can ignore their own lusts because their true love and respect is so much stronger. Some people grow old but never grow up, maybe one day you will.

  • God, you're a douche.

  • Original poster here. First, I'm a girl. Second, if you still insist on calling me a douche, I must add that I am at least a sexually satisfied one. :)

  • Another fine after-s** activity. Was that your O face?

  • Never noticed because after all that work I'm more interested in getting my own nut. But cool.

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