I'm a female, and a virgin.
But i have s** toys and stuff.
And i use them quite often. I love the feeling, and i o***** and everything normally.
But the problem is, I can't feel myself come. Like its obvious I do because..well it just is.
But i just don't feel it.
And i can't reach o***** through pentration, theres got to be something stimulating my c*** at full speed to o*****.
Wtf. I read that most women can't reach o***** through penetration alone, so that made me feel better. But why the f*** can't i feel myself come?

Aug 7, 2012

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  • Good for you!!

  • Find a man to f*** u

  • You really just need to find someone who figures out all your little kinks. Someone who makes you hyper sensitive. Women can o***** without actually getting their rocks off. O****** do not equate the full sexual experience. There are meh o****** and there are OMG THE WORLD IS SPINNING o******.

  • A woman doesn't need a man or anyone,to have a fantastic o*****!!! My most intense one's,have been from masturbating and using a d****.My partner still makes me o*****,as he's an excellent lover and the o****** vary in power,from time to time.
    But the best are from,self satisfaction etc.

  • Have s** with me

  • very common problem...solution is (facepalm)

  • Give me a go, I will find that G-spot in two seconds flat when I f*** you, you'll c** like a fireman's hose.

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