Someone help me, please

Hi, i'm a high school freshman but i'm stuck in home school.

my uncle usually handles all the home schooling stuff. he wants me tostay homeschooled until collage.

it feels like he wants to control me and it's scary. i want to start my life and quit being controlled my everyone. my uncle scares me to death, i always felt like he could read my mind and he monitors my computer. i'm doing this on a wireless system that can't be monitored. i feel like if i disobey him, he might kill me or worse.

i've been out of regular school for 4 years and now. it sucks.

i was diagnosed with aspergers syndrome (makes socializing hard) and anxiety. however i've been taking zoloft and i'm getting better. i'm doing my best, but i feel like my uncle wants to keep me like a bird in a cage. just the thought of staying home schooled til collage makes me want to kill myself. i haven't socialized with my peers for years and i have to get out there eventually, but no one sees that!

in the past i tried killing myself over this issue by trying to overdose on zoloft, strangling myself, suffocating myself and i didn't have the b**** to cut myself.

i'm just a teenage girl, why can't i have some fun. i'm better compared to before. i'm going out more and i'm taking medication and i'm trying to become more independant but everyone treats me like a caged bird!

if i can't get into the school i want in the next few months or in the next year i might go insane or kill myself...

someone help. this is my only link to the outside world!

my account on is:
kuro shiro kami chan

someone save me.

i'm also based in brooklyn, a place in park slope. i'm accross the street from this school.

any contact with someone from the outside would be great, if someone could save me, even better.

save me

Sep 11, 2011

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  • If you're feeling depressed or suicidal what's important is that you talk to someone. There's lots of people who can help - if you're in the US try (or call 1-800-273-8255), or in the UK there's the Samaritans at or Papyrus (which is a charity set up for young people) at, or childline at Some of them you can text or email if you'd rather not talk. There's also counsellors you could get in touch with through your school or doctors.

  • Valkyrie, I know how it is for you. I'm home-schooled as well. I love it.

    I think you should just ignore your uncle and do your schoolwork so you can get out of there and go to College.

    Anyways, God's with you always and can hear you. Talk to Him.

    -Anonymous person that cares.

  • Hi! :) u commented on the article that I wrote called, "sometimes I wish I was dead" and well yea, I can relate to ur situation, and well I think u shuld talk to ur uncle, and let him know that u would like to have contact wit the outside world, u know? He was 15 once too, and u know I think he'll understand. Maybe u could tell him that u want to try a public school, and if it doesn't work out, then u could always just start wit homeschool again. But don't kill ur self bcuz of that. Remember this, " don't let go of good times, and if ur ever having a bad time, then focus on the people that love you, and the good times that you've had" I hope this helps :)
    Btw my name is Monica, and i think it would b a good idea to keep in touch so we could save eachother :)

  • oh, ur a lady... from the way u wrote ur post i thought u were a boy, no offence...

    it's nice to meet u monica...

    i wrote another confession, it's a family & friends confession called:
    how do i get him to understand?
    it's the 3rd one on that list i think...


    my uncle would probably kill me if we talked through e-mail, so i'm kinda limitted to these posts... hiya...

    but i've found some good advice here and i take a load off my shoulders with each confession. luckily i'm doing this on a wireless system te controlling b****** can't monitor... but i can't access my e-mail.

    by the way, my real name is Valkyrie. i live in Park Slope, Brooklyn in New York... where are you located? if u don't mind my asking that is...

  • why do you call yourself maquerade celty?

    it's also strange that your uncle keeps you inside and doesn't allow you to go out on your own. how old are you anyway? i'm asking because then if you're legally still a kid is because you can get help. you could probably get a lawyer and sue him. SUE HIM FOR ALL HE'S GOT!

  • Wow, that does sound controlling of him, I've got to say. Does anyone else know about this? Like, any other adults? Doctors, counsellors, other members of the family, or older friends who could help you?

    How old are you, actually? The reason I ask is that, if you feel at risk of harm from your uncle or his behaviour is making you feel bad and putting you at risk of harming yourself and you're legally still a child, you are exactly the kind of person Child Protective Services would want to help. I absolutely believe what you just told me, and so will they if you tell them. Use a payphone outside or call from a friend's/trustworthy adult's house so your uncle won't know. Tell them everything, especially that your uncle scares you and you find his behaviour controlling, and also that you have already attempted/are at risk of attempting suicide.

    I promise you that if you tell someone from CPS or another trustworthy adult like a doctor, counsellor, or an adult from your old school, maybe a teacher you liked or got on well with, that there IS someone among them who can help you take steps towards getting out of this abusive situation. Stay strong, and keep trying to let adults on the outside know what is happening to you. I just want you to know again that I believe everything you just said, and I'm concerned about your well-being. There ARE good people out there, and not everyone is like your uncle.

    I hope you find someone who can help you, and I will be thinking of you in your search for a good life. Take care and all the best. Remember, stay strong and keep trying to let trustworthy people know what you're going through! You deserve to be happy and treated well just like everybody else :) Good luck.

  • it's the poster, thank you.

    i'm kind of wondering who you are... maybe you're someone i know in a masquerade. don't be alarmed, i'm just being cautios, there are several benefits to being annonoymus.

    i'll let everyone who reads this know more about my situation:

    at my old middle school, the principal was a bald middle aged piece of crap who wanted nothing to do with homeschooled students.

    also, i've been going to this counceling center for... ever since 4th grade i think... i've told my current counseler that i'm scared stiff of my uncle and she knows about my issues with school, she even knows i'm suicidal (not recently anyway)

    i'd hate everyone trying to guess my name, so you can all call me Masquerade Celty.

    the thing is, is that i'm scared.

    plus my uncle is scary, but reliable in some ways. he takes care of my granny (who is very sick and kind of mean, but a good lady none the less) and buys me things (mostly snacks)

    so if i were to call CPS or ACS, granny wouldn't have anyone to pick up her medicine or help her in general. i mean, sure i cold do t, but i'm not allowed to go out on my own.

    i'm treated like a caged bird.

    to all those who read this, please spread the word about my situation.

    sincerly, Masqurade Celty

  • my uncle is asleep cause he's sick.

    good for me i guess, he usually spends this time of night on the computer. i doubt he goes to thesekinds of sites. here i feel safe. i'm glad everyone here is helping me.

    - masqurade celty

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