No one had any idea.

I looked back into my yearbook from a few years ago. I read through all of the teacher signatures.
I was everyone's favorite student--I had special relationships with almost all of my teachers. We were so close.
They all wrote sincere notes about my contagious smile, fun-loving spirit, courage, energy, and happiness.

That year, I was the most angry I had ever been in my life, and I had severe depression. I cut myself, I sobbed almost daily, and I treated my parents horribly. I was on the verge of becoming bulimic as well. No one had a clue. None at all. I was so good at being someone I wasn't.

A few years of hard work later and here I am, completely happy and mentally healthy. And medicated.

I still miss my old teachers.
Reading their signatures makes me miss them more.
I'm going to visit them at my old school the first chance I get.


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