I didn't realize how great my parents were until they died.

I sure miss them. They lived into their 90's but I still miss them.

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Why was she so surprised?

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  • I loved my mum on a profound level however, it became stronger when she fully understood the tribulations I endure(d). We connected on a heart/soul level. I have always loved her despite the impoverished upbringing she had. It is a cultural thing that strips many siblings of dignity and respect. She is with me always and I love the fact that my mum was created for me. Mum lives with us for eternity. God bless your soul. Love you always **

  • I wish I could take out that thing that birthed me and abused me as a child and bring back your parents.

  • Every stupid kid says that.
    It don’t mean ** now. I’ve done everything for my kids and what do I get from them ? Nothing even when I was sick for two weeks not one came and checked on me during those time. So ** you.

  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

  • I’m never living to be 90, I’ll commit suicide or Euthanasia before I even reach 90. I’ll die in Europe and get myself cremated, but before I do that. I’ll have to sign my own death certificate and turn that in to the Police, so that nobody will file a missing persons report on me, so that people will know that I’m no longer Alive and breathing. They’ll have closure that I ended my life with Dignity. Besides I’m extremely miserable and lonely, I’ll be better off dead rather than living all alone miserable. I’ll be more happy dead anyways. I’m just waiting for my stupid worthless brothers to die first so that I’ll be the last person alive.

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