Secret Past

I recently started a new job but I'm hiding a secret from all my work mates.
Prior to starting my job I had only been released from prison after serving nearly six years. I was given a story to tell my new workmates that for the last six years I was working on the london Underground. Already at least two of them suspect I'm lying, I'm sure they have spotted my tag under my jogging trousers, I dare not wear shorts like the rest of them for obvious reasons but it's getting harder to keep this secret as each day passes. Only the other day I had to meet up with my parole officer and had to tell them I had an appointment with my doctor, I just know they think I'm lying. These guys ain't stupid so I will have to quit my job or come clean, just don't know what to do. I know I will be an outcast if I tell them what I served time for. Any advice is most welcome

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