Sister, you annoy the F*** out of

Sister, you annoy the F*** out of me...

Sometimes I just dont love you.

How do you expect me to feel sorry for you if you act like such a b**** all the time?!

Sorry, but I cant give sympathy where it isnt deserved.

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  • F*** that... I say beat the living s*** out of your sister and let her suffer

  • Listen, I have a sister that annoys me to great ends sometimes as well. But the fact of the matter is you do love your sister. Be the bigger person here and just walk away from the situation. I'm sure there are sometimes when you want to kill eachother, but there are also those times when you hug and love on e another like there's no tomorrow. right? Just think about how you would feel if your sister read this post and then she died. Would you really want this to be the last thing she read? Would you feel ay regret?

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