A little lesbian

I'm a straight american girl. age 15. USA. i like boys, i like f****** em too. but for some reason i have a kind of... desire? urge? to have lesbian s**. i admit sometimes i look at lesbian p**** and wonder how a woman could f*** another woman (i can't imagine s** with out a p**** inside me)...

i have an urge to have lesbian s**... is that weird? am i completely crazy or something? and another thing...

why do men get turned on by lesbians?

i'd like to have s** with someone here... either gender is ok. you can all call me Seto

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  • Hey Seto, Im a lesbian too. I've veen finding girls too. Do you think its possible? Im in America (Baltimore, Maryland) Hopefully its not too far from where you live. If it is, we can s** on here, email, facebook (if you have one), phone, or text! :) <3

  • thanks. it's Seto... i live in New York... Oh Boy...

    well i don't really like giving out my e-mail (no offence intended) but maybe we can have some fun here? if u have a confession somewhere we can have a little fun and privacy - Seto

  • what your feeling is totaly fine. do you know anyone else feeling the same perhaps?

    pity you dont live in the uk though.........

  • idk anyone else...

  • I FEEL THE SAME! (: <3

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