Please Help Me...

Omegale. Yes. The cleaner, younger cousin of Chat Roulette. Omegale presented me with the love of my life. But did it in a way in which loaded me up with an immense amount of guilt.

Jessica Ellington. That is the name I concocted in order to shield my real identity on this stranger infested website. I met this man one day on their that wanted to continue our conversation outside of the website. This shocked me. For I feared if I were to reveal my real identity, then it would scare him off because of my age or the fact that I lied. In short, I created a fake AIM account under the name "Jessica Ellington" and would talk to him through there. I told him I lived in London, I created a fake life for this "Jessica" character and became obsessed with making sure he wouldn't find out about the lie.

I would send him false photos of "me" when he asked, and this continued for months on end. Real feelings started to develop between us and it had gotten to a point where he has confessed his love for me. Not 'love' as in the loose term that gets thrown around among high school romances. But the 'love' that would make him take a boat into the ocean, toss a bottled note into containing his poured out heart into the Atlantic and pray it would reach me in London.(yes, he really did this.)

The truth. I'm a 16 year old high school student. I live in Florida. The man I met is a well accomplished, philosophical, photographer/business owner. He is by FAR the most influential and intelligent person I've ever met. He means what he says and I know that the love we have is real. He has told me multiple times he has considered hoping on a plane to Europe to meet "me". This is what brings me to tears

I am undeniably in love with this man. Don't believe me? I'll send you photos of screen-capped conversations we've had on AIM. He has changed the way I see life. He has changed me as a person and if I could choose to be with one person for the rest of my life, I would choose him without a second thought.

But here is my situation. I feel compelled to tell this man who I really am. ME, not "Jessica". If our love is for real, he will show empathy and understand... right..? I can't keep this fake identity up forever. He will get suspicious soon. Or, he'll get tired of waiting for nothing. I'm at a loss right now, and I feel all these emotions that I've never felt before. I want him. But I don't know if I'm willing to risk having the truth hurt me and lose him.

Please help me.. Im desperate for some good advice.

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  • I agree with the above poster completely. Good luck!

  • You have to tell the man the truth - no relationship should be built on a lie (let's be honest - that's what it is).

    Its good that you value maturity and intelligence - but you have to be that in return.

    Eventually he is going to know the truth - the only thing you can control is when and how. Take the high road.

    Be willing to pay the price for the truth.

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