I am about to get married to my dream

I am about to get married to my dream man. Everything is just blissful. The s** is great and I am really, really happy. But for some reason I decided to go to a dating site, meet a woman, and go f*** her this weekend. I don't know why but I have to do it. I want to tell my man so that he can join in, but I am scared that he will lose respect for me. We are both freaks in the bedroom, but have always been loyal to eachother.

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  • Liar.


  • This is not bullshit and I am not lying. I really do love him and I am really happy with him. And I didn't go through with the date with the woman. And I was honest with my man about being tempted to do it. He acted like it kind of offended him, said that he didn't want me to end up leaving him for a owman, but that I could do it if he can watch.

  • Da Shrink is right. The post told it all. She realizes she found a Dream Man, and thats she's super happy to have found him, as he fits the bill of the man all women want. Super happy with the s** and all the other mundane things. But I didn't see anything about love. Do you love him, or do you love the idea of having him?

    This 'need' to go have s** is a feeling that many get before marriage. How many times have you heard of the groom nailing someone the night or day before and being caught.

    I'm also curious about why you found a woman. Would it be less threatening to your man? Are you afraid you haven't explored your sexuality enough before making vows to be 'locked' in a hetro marriage?

    Unless you've spoke of others joining you in the bedroom with the hubby-to-be, I'd keep it all a secret. It might come to nothing, but it could also destroy it all.


  • SiteShrink, you have WAAAAY too much time on your hands lol

  • I wrote comment above


  • Are you an idiot or what. That has got to be one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. Let's break this down shall we,
    First of all lets look at the lies in this post. There are 4
    1. Dream man - If he was your dream man you wouldn't need a woman if you have all that you dreamed about in him.
    2. Everything is blissful - If that were true then why mess with perfection
    3 S** is great and you are happy - Again if this was the case you wouldn't even be looking another person male or female
    4. I don't know why - this is the single most stupidist line ever. You do know why, and if you don't let me help you. It's because reasons 1-3 exist. You are lying to yourself about having the dream man and everything is great so much that you really think nothing is wrong with your situation. But once again you are lying to yourself. There's something you lack that you want and your perfect relationship isn't giving you so you are looking for it in a woman. You need to find out what that is.

    Now that we have uncovered the major lies is this post. Lets look at the reasoning or the lack there of in this ridiculous post.

    Alright first of all IF everything was perfect why take the chance of ruining it. You're thinking like a child and just doing things on impulse and not with wisdom. I know you and other people are going to say
    1. Life is too short go for it.
    2. Tell your man I'm sure he'll go for it
    3. They are going to tell me to shut and call me all kinds of names
    4. There's nothing wrong with exploring as long as you both agree.

    But look on the flip side of these arguments.

    1. Because life is so short that's reason why you shouldn't do this. You should be spending your time enjoying each other and life.

    2. Yeah he'll go for it once and probably twice or even as many times as you want him to, but what's going to happen is he's going to take that as a pass to cheat with her WITHOUT you.

    3. There's nothing you or i can do about number 3 so who cares let them talk

    4. falls under number 2

    The most important thing here is number 2. See we men are very simple creatures and if you spice it up in the bed room we will be happy. Now there are some men who no matter what you do they are going to cheat. But if your man is as good as you say then he won't cheat on you, UNLESS you give him permission. And that's what you will be doing by sitting there watching him sleep with another woman. Now you may say so what if he sleeps with her on the side, he already did it in front of me. Yeah but would if she's better than you and he falls for her and they decide to exclude you. Now you've lost the best thing that ever happed to you over some bs fake fantasy. Plus do you know how many women would kill to have a man like yours. I mean think about it like this. If you just bought a $10 million dollar ring, and it was the only one in the world of its kind and over time would appreciate to billions and billions of dollars, would you let some chick you met on the internet try it on and keep it for a night. No because she may realize the value of what you've given her and run off with it. Now you are out of a lifetime great things. Your man is that ring, And if his s** is that good to you, then would if it's that good to her, the best she ever had. Now she's not going ot want to give it up once she's tasted it.

    How ever there is an alternative. You could find another guy and go to the woman's house but that would be even more crazy.

    All I'm saying is think about the worst that could happen, because it usually does in these situations

  • wow, very interesting. for some reason, though I found other women to be very physically attractive, I have never felt the desire to be with a woman. I often wonder what it would be like to want to. But at this point, it doesn't matter. I would never cheat on my man, with anyone.

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