Summary of a wreck

I`m male and i have been sexualy abused by my father for years during the early years of my adolescence, this story haunts me to this day, recently i told my mother about this and she decided to divorce him, she never know anything about it all, i feel guilty of destroying her view of life.

My ex decided that she couldn`t stay close to such a heavy story, i hated her for this, but i wanted her to stay. So i made a huge effort to make us work, i was living with her around this time, so eventually i came back to my mother`s house, heartbroken, feeling guilty and unsure about what would happen next.

i don`t know wether i will be able to climb out of this mess, but i feel like i`m gonna explode, i feel like if life doesn`t get better than this i might not make it

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  • you should have kept your mouth shut, (for the sake of your mothers happiness), and when you got the chance, beat the h*** out of your dad.

  • if that is the real reason your ex broke up with you, you don't want her anyway. you'll find someone better :)

  • If life doesn't get better? Why are you relying on life to control the direction it goes into, instead of taking control for yourself. Your dad was a b******. It's great, and you're full of courage for telling your mom what had happened. But you're not at fault for her view of life. By the information of what happened to you, she made her choice to divorce him. If you were her, and found out your son was being abused by his dad, would you stay? Her leaving was a choice.

    You can not heal as long as you hold onto what others have done to you. You must forgive them, and often you must forgive yourself as well. This is because forgiveness releases negative energies or karma. You forgive, not because they necessarily deserve it, but because you deserve to live without the pain their actions have caused you.

    Remember, you are in control of which direction your life takes. Only you can make the changes that will cause life to get better for you. If you wait for life to just change, you may end up missing out big time.


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