I hate my job, I feel like a nothing

I hate my job, I feel like a nothing. The only thing I really want in life right now is to go back to school, and get a college degree. But I am so scared because I am gonna be 30 in april, and I feel like its to late. There is so much I already regret in life, because I was so worried about making everyone else happy. I wonder everyday if my time to do something for me and to be happy willl ever come.....

Jul 8, 2010

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  • f*** everyone else. it's never too late! please live your dream!

  • It is never too late to do something positive in your life! If you are embarassed about actually attending college, you can do online classes.

  • It's never 2 late...I'm 29 and I received my Bachelor degree in May 07

  • Do it. Its never too late. My aunt went back to school when she was in her 40s. She now holds a bachelor's degree in nursing. Next she says she wants to be a nurse practicioner. B4 that, she was a dog groomer.

  • i am doing a degree and i am nearly fifty - never too late -

  • If you don't start learning now then it will be too late for you in the future. If you start now you will have a degree before you are forty. Go for it

  • I hate my job too, I desperately wants to go back to school to get a master's, I am turning 31, I feel too old too, I also need money to pay my previous student loans, car loans, etc. But hopefully I can make it next year.

    Even if you caught the train after it has pulled out of the station, at least you know that you are moving towards the right direction.

    Best of luck to both of us.

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