Can explain to me what's so hot about

Can explain to me what's so hot about doing your best friend or siblings boyfriend or girlfriend. What makes it such a temptaion to sleep with a married person or someone who's in a relationship with someone close to you. Do you not value the person you are doing dirty? I mean how does sleeping with your friends girl just happen. I'm confused. Or maybe my code of honor is completely outdated.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ITA too, but keep in mind a huge percentage of the "confessions" on this site are just idiots and bored people making $hit up.

  • Man i agree with you 100% i dont get it.

  • It may be an issue with morality. More realistically, it's simply a primal instinct to be an outlaw. We want the things that we can't have. They become more attractive for some reason.

    Fantasizing or acting on this with people of close relations is common because it's easy. They are available. The work to get to them is less. As evolutionary beings, we look for the path of least resistance.

  • some of us simply want what we can't have, and s** with new people is a compleatly new expirience everytime, its done differently according to who its with. And we love s**, we are facinated by it, thus we humanly feel the need to expirament. but they are just feelings and one must make the moral choice weather it is right to act on them or not.

  • if you wanna WIN something, bid on ebay!

  • allI have to say to this is THANK YOU FOR SAYING EXACTALLY WHAT I HAVE BEEN THINKING!!! right on the money.

  • its all about fantasy it may be something or somebody that you've secretly wanted for years and when the opportunity presents itself some people act on it and some don't it's all part of us being human i'm sure most people don't do it to intentionally hurt a bestfriend boyfriend or girlfriend but most of the time it happens that way I like many other humans have urges that im not proud of

  • The commenter who responded with #2: is completely right.


  • To the commenter above

    Yeah tha may be true when it comes to the wife of someone you don't know. And even then it's wrong to do. But I'm talking about your best friend or your sibling. It doesn't matter how good my boy, or my brothers girl looked I couldn't sleep with her. Simply on the strength that she's my brothers girl. I just couldn't do my own brother or my best friend like that. I probably wouldn't do it if my friend asked me to.

  • #2: The difference between WANTING and ACTING ON is maturity. In a few years you will understand that supressing these primal impulses is the difference between an adult and a child (of any age).

    You can be 40 and spiritually still be a child.

  • I'm saying I would do that ever but through my years I've come to notice a commend trend or quality if you will similar between males and females. It's the same in everyone really. We are all drawn to what we cannot have. Have you ever heard that saying? Well it's true. It's all about the competition and human nature to feel superior. When someone is dating or married, we become attracted to that person because we feel as though we need to "win." Once that person becomes available, you may notice that there is often no more interest. I'm only 16 but I'm wise beyond my years and I love to give advice. Just something to think about. You may notice it from now on

  • I'm a girl, and it doesn't matter WHAT my boyfriend's friend looks like, I would never ever do that to him. I don't understand the women in that situation either.
    Besides, if the guy is willing to sleep with you and betray his best friend, he's a disposable dog anyhow.

  • I don't know, dude. I don't understand it either.

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