Help pls.

I'm 16 yrs old. im a girl i had s** w/ my sister a hundred times she's 19. and still doing it. i gave my brother a b****** when he was 7 and i was 10 i tried stripping online w/ an unknown person. i watch p*** i'm confused if what i'm doing is alright or not.

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  • Yes it is,,you are bringing happyness and entertainment to others and that is a good thing for sure but you need to spend more time making your brother happy

  • Here ia real advice from someone who actually knew someone else who really had this delema!
    Whatever you do, NEVER do web-cam or online p*** again, someone WILL copy and record you and post you online where you will be spread around and edited everywhere!
    That will kill your future, many people who did port atleast once get black mailed on some way, or fired in some way from their dreams and they spend their whole life wishing they never did what they have done...

    NEXT: Be careful who you have s** with, try to to become a lesbian, some guy will be out there wishing you were a straight virgin, and if your not, he will certainly know, and you will loose him...
    NEXT:If you get an STD, you WILL loost many potential relationships before they start.
    I'm a guy, and a girl I knew, I dated once or twice, we stopped because we are so buzzy in college and work that we have no time, we do see eachother and talk sometimes, but because she said she had an STD from birth, which she was not nervous about saying, I was still polite to her, but I have no intensions of ever dating her again, I just wont tell her because she is nice and I dont want to hurt her, so I'll just let time help her forget and move on...
    NEXT: If you have any form of incest with any family members, that is VERY BAD. Many people will expose you and brand you with very bad titles if they ever find out about you doing incest! Its in your best intrest to have a normal life with the outside world, just dont do it, this way you never get caught!
    idk what else to say, a lot of that is from what I observe in life when I observer others and their problems...

  • thanks a lot. you made me cry. :')

  • I think you need to find a partner and stick to him. Remember, you are what you do.

  • what do you mean you are what you do?

  • well that first comment sucked and it all really depends on what you think is right if it feels right to you then id say it ok.

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