Oh no

I got a bad fetish. I love spankings. I got so hot and h****. Yet nobody knows. When my boyfriend smacks my ass I pretend to me offended. It seems proper for a lady to say no, when really I get instantaneously wet and want to be bent over and spanked like crazy.. I also love sucking d***!! I love it in my mouth, and I love to make a guy groan and moan. I love it when he takes me by the back of my head and grabs my hair and makes me take the whole thing in my mouth. I say I hate it ahh I love it

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  • Good friend of mine from sports bar I go to is a hot, little 20-year old, sweet body, and great ass. Also a young mom. Plays it up as she's so sweetie-sweetie, but..Loves a good, bare ass-spanking. I've done it to her several times after taking her home, and really have at her.

    She also admits enjoying when I "tell her what to do", and yank her hair back. She's all of maybe 5'2" tall and no more than 104 pounds, so is very easy to handle and toss around.

  • Why do you see spanking as an embarressment, it is totally natural. where you one of these children that never got spanked for being bad when you were younger. Maybe you were one of these kids that were never bad and always lived to other peoples expectations. now that you have grown up you realise that you dont have to play to people to be liked and you have formed a rebelious streak in you and found it a turn on because you never had it as a child and you dont associate spanking as a bad thing.

    maybe you find spanking embarresing is because you feel its not normal to be spanked so you hide it from people. Maybe if you told your boyfriend/Husband they will do it more. Its not as uncommon as you think.

    Live a little, s** should be about know each others bodies, what turns you on and what turns you off. know your boundries, let yourself go, whether a*** play, nipple play and like you say spanking. Theres nothing wring with it

    So go for it! :)

  • As long as you keep getting what you need keep it your secret. But if a guy ain't delivering you may need to spell it out for them.

    Keep on spanking, babe.

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