For Melissa

This is for you, Melissa.
You were more than my university roommate.
You were my closest sibling, my speechless stuffed animal, my advice giving father and my strong-willed mother.

My growth those 2 years I attribute to you, thank you for your friendship.

I am now done with corporate retail, status and the "every woman's life". I'm done with the American military man, the art of selling and hiding who I am. From now on, I'll do what I love. I'll take chances. Live above my potential.

I just wanted to say thank you for everything you were in my life. Though never to return, reappear or resume - you should know that your presence in my life has meant .

I will always love you for everything you were and going to be.
I wish you the greatest happiness and lifelong inspiration. May you find God in all things.


Oct 17, 2011

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  • Basically where I live we have a lot of power outages. My neighbor has installed this generator, an old clunker, sounds like a real son of a b****. Many noisy nights and days later I lost it.

    They have a garden pool that is visible from my rooftop. Many times at night after I was nicely drunk, I'd go on my rooftop p*** in a beer can and lunge it in their pool. It would land with a splash but never got noticed.

    I must have done 20 cans .. like half litre cans. The pools like 10,000 gallons so I'm sure the dilution ratio takes care of things but heck, have I sinned?

    Yours truly


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