Just a thank you

Right now is a great time to say thank you. I know you'll never read this and I'm totally okay with that.
While your 17 hours away from me at Electric Forest, by the way I hope your having a fantastic time, I just want to stay thank you for making me love you. You really have changed my life. Thank you for making me have feelings for you while I was with my now ex boyfriend. I'm so glad I broke up with him. I haven't felt this free in years. Sadly though I do love you but I know you don't love me the same way. We've talked about it and things are better this way I suppose. I'm perfectly okay with not having anyone right now anyways. Unless it was you of course.
I've tried new things because of you that I would have never dreamed of trying. I've seen the world differently, heard music for all it's worth, and felt inner peace with myself and other people. You've done all this for me and I really can't thank you enough.
Someday I hope you'll learn to love me back, but I'm okay with what we have right now. I feel like we could be a dream couple for our lifestyle. We both get what we both want and need and there is nothing better than that.
I hope you come to visit me at Bisco. I bought a pretty dress to wear on the day you come. If you don't then I'm sure we'll be going to something else really soon.
Thank you again for changing my life and I love you with all my heart for it.

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