Kerry, I can't ever tell you this but...

Kerry, my lovely wife. I know you like to give me oral s** because you feel I enjoy it and that it pleases me. When I hold your head and c** you probably think it is your technique and the feel of your mouth that brings me on so quickly.
I really can't ever tell you but the reason I c** so quickly is because when I look down at your short blonde hair and little snub nose and your perky B cup t***, I am imagining you are 14 years old like in the photos your mum gave us and not 34. The reason I c** is that I see you as that little 14 year old sucking me off with your virgin 14 year old mouth.
I ache to get you to wear a schoolgirls uniform....
You wouldn't understand so it will probably never be.

Oct 22, 2011

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  • Try talking to her..seriously. I wish *he* would ask me to wear that..and little pig tails..

  • Well, if you only fantasize that about your wife, I personally think it is OKAY. It causes no harm, and personally she should not be mad about that if you tell her. If you plan on it, best idea is to tell you that its only her you think that about. It's possible its just a phase for you.

  • It's called fantasy. No big deal, unless you pursue real 14-year-old girls.

  • No. Just my wife as a 14 year old. Okay, I know its weird but I can't come out and tell her. I know she would not understand. As long as she thinks her superior b******* are the reason I last 5 minutes in her mouth then I wont shatter that illusion.

  • Its not weird at all. My wife is 14 years younger than me. I first met her when she was around 7 years old and have known her ever since. We lost contact when she was around 12 and I didn't see her until about 14 years later. We started dating and she told me she had crushed on me hard from the first time we met. I kinda knew this as she would sit on my lap and stuff like that but never acted on it even though it always turned me on.

    Anyways, I told her that I always wanted her but knew that couldn't happen at her age. She admitted that she would have done anything for me and wanted to come to my place and give herself to me. I had no idea she felt that strongly for me.

    We do role play and she does things that makes me think of her at that age and it is really hot to say the least. She enjoys it as much as I do so I think you should at least mention it to your wife and see what she thinks. If you knew each other at that age then she probably crushed on you or something similar. She might really get into it as my wife does.

  • U lil weird fukk

  • Thanks for the constructive feedback.

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