I love the thought of....

I love the thought of having s** with virgin women. I love the thought of pushing my hard c*** into their tight little p****. I love to hear the moan and even scream in ecstasy. I love to c** inside of their wet virgin p******. I want the virgin to suck my d*** dry. I want my d*** in her mouth as far as she can take it. I want to c** in her mouth and I want to watch her swallow it. My c*** is so hard right now.

Jan 4, 2011

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  • i agree with you.. guys must be sensitive about what women feels.. it was so selfish to be concerned in your own satisFUCKtion ...

  • I don't know. I understand the inclination (I've wanted virgins, too), but s** as a virgin woman f****** hurts. Popping your cherry feels like a period cramp. A period cramp...okay, you know when you really need to fart and s*** at the same time, but something is blocking you, so you feel that severe pain in your gut? That's kind of what a period cramp feels like. Also, you're f****** terrifyed, because now you are a W**** instead of a Virgin, because we all know there are only two types of women. And you're having s** with a Man, who way stonger than you and could probably beat you to death without even trying, and your mother always told you "if a man tries to rape you, don't fight back because he'll beat you to death." And what's more, guys have no idea what's going on in a woman's mind as he's s******* her, because he's learned all he needs to know from p***. I've never heard a woman tell a story about losing her virginity that wasn't physically/emotionally painful. I know a lot of girls who say they tell their partner how much pain they're in and they keep going anyway.

  • That happened to me, he knew I was hurting but kept pushing it in until it broke.

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