Youre on my mind again

It snowed today. History making actually since its never snowed this early in the season. As I watched the snow drift down, I imagined us stranded somewhere in the cold.
I would ask you to unzip your coat and I'd run my hands across your back in an embrace and sink into your chest, my ear against your heart. I'd listen to your heart beat as you'd lie your chin on top of my head. We wouldn't say a word. I'd just enjoy the simple fact that there is no space between us, your chest pressed against mine. It feels so much more different, this fantasy, when compared to the reality of us being miles away in reality.

I'm still in love with you. So in love with you. I really wonder what you are doing now, if you are wondering about me too? Even though when I called, you never picked up the phone. Or called me back. Its been several months now. How could you not still be in love with me? I don't believe it.
I know somewhere, sometime you're laying on your bed, closing your eyes and drifting off to a place where you meet me. In your mind. It just has to be.

Even though we can't be together, my heart is still yours.
Every man I meet is a pale impersonation of you.
Can you feel my love for you, when I start to drift off to our dreams?
I'm sending it out in waves.

I'm going to buy the brand of soap you wear, just so I can have the scent of you lying against my skin.

You said move on. Okay. I'll make it seem like I have.
Let me fool the world. I'll never mention your name.

My love, I'll take you everywhere with me. Always.
I love you, more than my pride. Take it. Shatter me.

Oct 29, 2011

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  • wow. beautiful. so sad. made me tear up <3

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