Dont know what to do?

My husband is very worried about me getting pregnant. We were using condoms but last month the condom broke and he got very worried, he pretty much forced me to take a morning after pill. Then he told me we should practice abstinence! I don't want to practice abstinence. I'm a very sexually charged and don't think I can do this.

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  • Ur husband is a fool he should b f****** u evrynite

  • If neither of you ever wants children he can get snipped. That works. The pill prevents pregnancy, as does several forms of birth control. Why the condoms? Your husband is being kind of an ass about this.

  • just say ahhhhhhh......skeet skeet

  • Okay thank you for the great advise

  • You need to sit down and have a serious conversation about this. in modern day society, birth control should not be put apon a woman to sort out, what about him. There are injections that he can have to prevent pregnancy and spermacides. The way you talk about your husband is as if he was blaming your for the condom spliting. This relationship should be two way. a relationship will not work if there is no s** on either side as you both want it. If he decides that its your responsibility to sort out birth control or blames you in any way or refuses to talk about the issue then you have to seriously question why you are with this guy.

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