i know i'm bipolar, but i don't want my

i know i'm bipolar, but i don't want my family to look down on me for it, so i won't seek help. i hope i don't go off the deep end one day.

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  • My mum has that and the family had her admitted cause she wouldn't go herself. I love my mum and nothing would ever change how i feel about her. She has been my life and now she's on medication everything is great and i feel i have my mum back!!!! They won't look down on you but the opposite, love u more

  • There's no shame in being bipolar. If you think you need help i suggest you get it. Because keeping it inside will cause you to break down.


  • I am also bipolar its not bad most of the time, sometimes I have the mood swings but its really the other stuff like the downs that gets me.

    - Hestacley Tairs

  • I'm bipolar too and I also have ADD. The way I deal with is,
    Hey look! A quarter!

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