The other night my man and I were

The other night my man and I were playing with my d****. He likes for me to put my legs way up and he rams it in. Well, when he rammed it in this time, I farted! OMG how embarrassing. I have never farted in front of him before! I wanted to die. And to make things worse, he laughed. Then reminded me about it he next day.

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  • I have never EVER heard the term "farting ice" before today. So glad I come to this site! :)

  • That's adorable!! lol, I tend to queef a bit during s**, you've just got to laugh it off, you know? Act like a guy about it, they'll love you for it.

  • No way. It's not my thing. Exit only.

  • To the person who said something about it sliiping into the wrong hole.... I just want to let you know that a*** s** is not always horrible. If you use lube, there's no bleeding and it actually feels great. If you relax and let him put it in slowly, you'll barely feel it and you can have the best s** of your life. I wouldn't lie to ya. You should try it.

  • OMG if he had been right there at my butt I would have died right there on the spot!!
    The responses to this post have made me feel better. Maybe I can relax and have fun in the bedroom again, bc since this happened I can't get into it, from fear that it'll happen again. Thanks guys!

    The pooting princess

  • Everyone is right. So what - you farted! During s**! It happens! One time my wife did the same thing when I was performing oral on her and we started laughing so hard we didn't finish the "session" as it were. You gotta lighten up!

  • Fantastic story! I know it must be so embarassing, but at least you've broken the farting ice. Now you can be more relaxed about gas in your relationship. I couldn't cope if I could never fart in front of my husband.

  • It could always be worse! One time during s** my ex-boyfriend had my legs up pretty high and he was thrusting really fast and it accidentally slipped out of my ***** and into my ass! It hurt like a b****!! I screamed, and everytime I went pee the next day, it felt like I had to poo, but nothing came out. Finally, when I did poo, blood came out with it. Now whenever I'm with my boyfriend and he puts my legs up too high and starts to thrust really fast, I get really nervous. I told him this is why, only I said it happened to "a friend," and he thinks it's bullshit! He keeps trying to assure me that my "friend" made it up and that I have nothing to worry about.

  • That was hilarious.


  • If farting is your greatest fear you are doing really well. Farting is nothing so not to worry

  • This is like one of my biggest fears. LOL.

  • pls girl u'll get use to it, trust me the second time wont b so embarrassing~

  • LOL!

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