I just found out I have syphlesis and i

I just found out I have syphlesis and i dont think I'm going to tell anyone, espacialy my ex boyfriend.

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  • If you don't tell anyone, not only will you become unfertile, you will DIE! You think I'm lying, look it up, Death is a symptom of untreated syphillis. It is so simple to overcoem, all you need is pennicillin. Not ot mention the countless number of others you will putting in harms way (the people you and your ex will sleep with) If you are grown enough to have s**, you should be grown enough to see a doctor, and deal with the consequences.

  • go to the Dr.'s & take care of that hon!

  • are you really that low of a person? you could feel good about yourself knowing you're putting others at risk? you're not just hurting your ex, you're hurting any innocent girl that he happens to be with next. its not her fault. what if it were you that got with some guy who's ex didn't tell him she had syphilis? you'd want to get that b****. i know i would.

  • That's wrong. Tell you ex so he can get treated.


  • And the first poster actually wanted to type 'syphilis'.
    Enjoy your treponema pallidum bacteria!

  • There is an anonymous way to get treated and have all potentially infected contacts get treated as well. No one will know who identified.them as possibly infected. Just tell a doctor, either primary care or an infectious disease specialist. As it is anonymous, you have nothing to lose, but it really is in everyones interest to get it treated and keep it from circulating.

  • he is the one who gave it to me

  • What if he is the one who gave it to her?

  • I hope you at least go and get treated for it. However the least you could do is notify them so they won't spread it to their partners.

    You are any irresponsible s** partner and if this is how you handled these situations you shouldn't be having s**.

  • That's unfair to your ex.

  • Do you mean syphillis?

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