I am convinced that every other young

I am convinced that every other young woman is prettier than me. Even though I have an attractive boyfriend, a pretty fit body, and I don't lack for male attention, I always feel so ugly and self-pitying when I see a girl with a very pretty face or very thin legs. I don't know how to see it differently... I wish I knew how.

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  • ^^^^^dat's right!!!!

  • Other women look at you and think the same thoughts!

  • i know i am a beautiful girl,yet i still feel not a good when i'm around other girls. Thats just me being insecure. I say try to up that self esteem!

  • dude, try and look at it as if ur a guy. instead of being like "that girl's prettier then me" be like "dude, that chick is fricken hot."

  • It seems like you probably know somewhere inside that you are not unattractive. How do you feel about yourself besides the physical part? Are you happy with yourself? Now days everywhere you turn there is something which can make you feel ugly. (magazines, movies, tv, etc. etc.) But if your yourself, your beautiful.

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