I think I was seduced by another girl

I think I was seduced by another girl. I have a girlfriend for over 2 years. I cheated on her once, but it was just making out with another girl, random. I told her because I felt bad. She took me back after a fought and begged for her love. Now it just happened again with the girl that seduced me. It is raking my brain every minute. I cannot stop thinking about this horrible moment in my life, I screwed myself. I really love my girlfriend, and she loves me. We live a state away so the distance makes me lonely. I just want it out of my head, but I cannot tell her or else she will leave me for good. Should I just keep it in, or how am I supposed to clear my concince (sp?) of this terrible act.

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  • agree^

  • You are a w****.

  • Thank you SiteShrink. You really are a great help. :) I am committed to never be that person that I was. Thanks again!

  • Tough situation my friend but I can totally understand how you feel. Me and my wife dated for 4 years before we got married and we never lived in the same city until after we were married. At one point she was in NC and I was in NJ. This lasted for two years. The temptation can be extremely difficult to deal with. Everybody says well if you love her then you wont cheat but sometimes things happen. While I was able to hold myself down and not cheat, it was extremely hard. Almost inhumane torture. Anyway I said that to say this. Normally I'm all for being honest and upfront in a relationship but in your case I suggest that you not tell her. If she ask you then don't lie to her because that would make it worse, but I say remember the sick feeling you have now and use that as motivation to not go there with this girl again. Secondly stop hanging around this girl. If she has the power to seduce you like that then don't put your self in that situation where you are going to be trapped. In time you will let it go and things will get back to normal but you are right she may not take you cheating a second time. Especially if you went all the way this time. So just don't mention anything about cheating or anything like that and don't cheat on her again. Hope things work out for you.


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